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Genuine Toyota Front Park Assist, Low Grade Bumper Cover for Glacier White (040)

4-head kit.
Applicable to Narrow Body variants.
Not compatible with Nudgebar.


SKU PZQ9889140AC
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Mounted to the front of your HiLux, these sensors are an aid to detect and alert the driver to obstacles in the front of the vehicle which may be outside the driver’s field of vision. Park Assist can make manoeuvring into a tight spot a breeze and optimise available parking space.

  • The driver is alerted to any objects present within the detection range by an audible alert. As the target object moves closer to the vehicle, the audible alert to the driver increases in intensity to warn the driver.
  • The system may be switched on and off at driver discretion to prevent inadvertent beeping during heavy rain.
  • Park assist automatically switches off at a speed greater than 10km/ hour to prevent false triggering while driving.
  • 4 head sensors (unpainted) shown.


Weight 0.96 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 18 × 10.5 cm